If you are looking for a personal trainer, we are your solution.

Our goal is to offer you a personal training service of high quality in Ibiza. Whatever your objective, Ibiza Aktive guides you to it in an effective and safe way, through the best media and professionals.


entrenamiento personal

Personal training

entrenamiento pareja

Training for two

entrenamiento grupo ibiza

Training in group

nutricion online ibiza

Online Nutrition

seguimiento nutricional

Nutritional monitoring & training

entrenamiento online ibiza

Online training

entrenamiento personal online

Online personal training

home gym design

Home Gym design



Antonio Tip
“Train yourself to be, not to seem… the rest will come alone”

Ruth Tip
“Connect with your breathing and you will connect with your body’s wisdom as well”

Dani Tip
“Effort, perseverance and dedication don’t do miracles… but they bring you closer to them”

Nick Tip
“Keep pushing and never give up your goals”


entrenador personal ibiza

Our goal is to offer a high quality Ibiza Personal Trainer service. Whatever your objective is, Ibiza Aktive guides you towards him and brings you the best resources and professionals. Whether to be healthier, to improve in any sport or for aesthetics purposes in Ibiza Aktive we can adjust, manage and optimize your personal training, helping you to achieving your goals with greater effectiveness and minimizing the risks. Ibiza Aktive’s Trainers have an excellent training (High and Private education) and they continue to strive towards being more qualified, more knowledgeable and more professional for our clients.

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